Lada Vesta has been launched in the South American market

Lada Vesta has been launched in the South American market. The importer of Lada automobiles to Bolivia: Bolivian Auto Motors has started the sales of Vesta and Largus models in the country. 

Lada has been on the Bolivian market since 2014, however, Lada 4×4 SUV was the only model available in the country since the introduction of the brand in Bolivia. The local clients now have access to Lada Vesta, Vesta SW Cross, Largus and Largus Cross models. 

Meanwhile, following the expansion of the model range, Bolivian Auto Motors has opened a new car gallery in Santa Cruz, the largest city in the country. The modern dealer centre has been designed in the corporate style of the Russian brand. 

Lada Vesta sedan is offered with a 106 hp, 1.6 lt engine in Bolivia. The price of the model starts from $16,900. For comparison, the basic Logan with modest equipments costs $14,200 in the country. 

The 1.8 lt engine estate model Vesta SW Cross costs even more, with prices starting from $22,500. 

The 7-seater Largus, equipped with an 87 hp, 8-valve engine costs $16,900 and the 106 hp Largus Cross $18,900. 

Avtovaz has exported 38,000 Lada automobiles last year, mainly to former Soviet Union countries. However, the South American countries have also contributed to the figure to some extent, Chile and Peru, besides Bolivia. 

Source: RusAutoNews.Com