Lada remains the leader of the Russian automobile market in 2018

Lada remains the leader of the Russian automobile market in 2018. 360,204 Lada cars were sold in Russia last year, indicating a 16% year-on-year rise. 

Four Lada models are in the top 10 sales list in Russia. The rating is headed by Vesta with a result of 108,364 cars. The second place is occupied by Granta with 106,325 units sold. Largus passenger cars and light commercial vehicles found 53,691 buyers. Lada XRAY sales amounted to 34,807 units in 2018.

Export success of the Avtovaz was achieved in the markets of the CIS countries. In Kazakhstan, Lada became the leader of the market. In Belarus, Lada occupies the second place. 38,052 units Lada were sold in 34 countries in 2018, which is 59% more than the export figure of 2017.

Jan Ptacek, vice president for sales and marketing said: ”2018 was an exceptional year for Lada. According to the internal assessment of the company, we were able to achieve 20% market share, and the result of the Lada sales is the best in the last 7 years. We brought new models to the market, and continued to work on the qualitative renewal of the dealer network.”

Source: RusAutoNews.Com