KAMAZ plans to manufacture 39,000 trucks in 2019

The 2019 Business Plan of Kamaz has been consolidated at the recent meeting of the company Board of Directors, as reported by the company press office. The company will manufacture 39,000 trucks next year according to the plan, 33,000 for the domestic market and 6000 for exports. The share of Kamaz in Russian truck market reaches 45%. 

The 2019 Business Plan has allocated 15 billion rubles for investment in the development of production. The net profit target is 500 million rubles at 197 billion rubles revenues. 

The general director of Kamaz Sergei Kogogin has identified the main tasks to be faced by the company and its staff in 2019. The serial production of K5 generation vehicles is planned to be launched in the new year, alongside the organisation of the serial production of K4 generation trucks, which run on liquefied natural gas. Efforts will be focused on the test operation of robotic vehicles with autonomous and remote controls, along with the development of the 2+ generation electric buses.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com