Avtotor has launched the full-cycle production of Hyundai HD35 light trucks

Avtotor car plant has announced that the company has launched the serial production of Hyundai HD35 City and Hyundai HD35 light trucks in full-cycle. Thereby, almost the entire range of Hyundai trucks is manufactured at Avtotor along the full technological chain, including welding and painting. Four main models are available in the Russian market currently. Avtotor launched the full-cycle production of HD78 commercial vehicles in November 2017 and the CKD production of the HD65 model in June 2018. 

A new welding shop has been created in the factory previously for the implementation of the project, alongside the modernisation of the painting shop and the assembly line. A new painting chamber was commissioned specifically for the painting of truck frames, along with a sprinkler to check the tightness of the cabs, during the preparation process for production. A new brake stand has been established for the control of brake systems as well. The welding of Hyundai HD35 City and Hyundai HD35 light trucks cabins are carried out on the same line with HD78 and HD65.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com