KAMAZ plans to start the serial production of driverless vehicles in 2022

The serial production of the SHUTTLE driverless vehicles may start at Kamaz plant in 2022. The relevant statement has been made by the deputy general director of Kamaz: Gumerov

“Currently, we have four prototypes, on which technology is being developed. We won’t be manufacturing any prototypes next year, we’ll work on them. We are operating in implementation areas at the moment. Conducting tests in closed areas and parking zones. Perhaps, we may receive customer feedback. Afterwards, some time in 2021, we will conduct trial operations under control. Probably, we will have a mass production vehicle operating in closed areas under limited speed in 2022” – Gumerov said.

As stated previously, the 12-seater Kamaz-1221 SHUTTLE electric bus has been tested on a special track in Kazan in June 2018. The company also has plans to shift to driverless vehicles between its plants. According to Gumerov, this will happen as early as 2019.

“Next year, we’ll launch driverless transport, which is already on trial, between our plants” – as told by Gumerov.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com