GAZ Group has launched the assembly of GAZ and Ural vehicles in Cuba

GAZ Group has started the assembly production of GAZ and Ural vehicles in Cuba, as stated by the deputy prime minister of Russia Yuri Borisov.

“We attended the opening of the assembly line of GAZ and Ural this morning. We have provided supplies to the assembly sites at Cuban factories, which already make production at a certain localisation rate in the country. I hope that these enterprises will manufacture not only to meet the domestic demand, but also for the partners of Cuba in the Caribbean region” – said Borisov about the assembly of vehicles in Cuba, at the Russia – Latin America Business Forum in Havana.

Borisov did not give any further details.

“This is an investment to an economy, which will pay dividends not today, not tomorrow, but in the next decade” – said the deputy prime minister, drawing attention to the changing character of the relationships between the Russian Federation and Cuba. The assembly of Russian vehicles in Cuba is a very important step according to Borisov. From the word “supply” we are moving to a new slogan “joint development”, said the deputy prime minister, concerning the economic projects between Russia and Cuba.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com