Russia will abolish the anti-dumping duties on LCVs from Germany and Italy

Russia has informed the dispute resolution authority of WTO on the cancellation of the anti-dumping duties on Italian and German light commercial vehicles. The EU has welcomed the decision, as told by a Genoese source from trade circles, who is familiar with the matter, to journalists.

The World Trade Organisation has rejected the appeal from Russia in March, backing the EU in the dispute, who advocated the abolition of duties on German and Italian LCVs. The WTO has obliged Russia to remove the duties, on the ground that the tariffs violate the rules of international trade.

“Russia has informed the dispute resolution organ of the WTO on the abolishment of the anti-dumping duties on imported vehicles from Germany and Italy, following the decision of the WTO against the aforementioned tariffs. The EU has welcomed the operational efforts of the Russian Federation in the implemention the decision” – as stated by the source.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com