KAMAZ has demonstrated the first autonomous electric bus

KAMAZ has demonstrated the first autonomous electric bus as reported by the company. The unmanned M2 category small-class SHATL (Wide Adaptive Transport Logistics) vehicle, developed by KAMAZ in cooperation with NAMI, is intended for hard-surface roads, using data from digital maps, navigation systems and technical vision organs.

The autonomous electric bus KAMAZ-1221 SHATL stops at certain points determined by the traffic service and user selections from the proposed list on the route, for landing and disembarkation of passengers. The interface allows the passengers to operate the door opening system, which selects the stopping points for disembarkation. The transmission platforms for 5G-router signals have been installed on the buses as the pilot zone for the fifth generation network of MegaFon.

“Electric and unmanned vehicles are currently amongst the main directions of development in Russian engineering industry” – as stated by the general director of KAMAZ Sergei Kogogin: “SHATL is our latest development, upon the example of which, the main trends in car manufacturing may follow. KAMAZ-1221 is only one of our unique driverless vehicle models. Specialists in KAMAZ are actively working on such models at the moment, within the framework of the development of intelligent transport systems”.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com