KAMAZ assembly has started in Uzbekistan

As announced by the company press office, KAMAZ assembly has started in Uzbekistan. The model range of trucks, assembled in Uzbekistan has been presented in Tashkent. The presentation has been organised by KAMAZ and its local partner Uzavtosanoat, the major car manufacturer in the republic.

The production of KAMAZ vehicles in Uzbekistan has started at the facilities of UzAutoTrailer in Samarkand region, at the city of Dzambai. The truck production in Uzbekistan is a result of the cooperation agreement signed in November 2017. KAMAZ and Uzavtosanoat carry out activities through the KAMAZ Foreign Trade Company (VTK) and UzAutoTrailer respectively. According to the agreement, VTK will supply UzAutoTrailer with KAMAZ assembly parts and components, which will assemble the chassis and install both own and joint production superstructures.

The Russian truck manufacturer has already supplied 100  kits for the assembly of KAMAZ trucks in the republic, within the scope of the agreement. Dump trucks of different load capacities, tractors, special purpose vehicles, container carries and other transport vehicles have been exhibited, as part of the presentation of the KAMAZ model range.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com