Truck imports to Russia have increased by 57% in 2017

According to the Russian Federal Customs House data, truck imports to Russia in 2017 increased by 56,6% to 31,8 thousand units. The monetary value of the trucks imported to Russia within the aforementioned period amounted to $1,99 billion.

27,2 thousand of these trucks were imported from non-CIS countries  at the worth of $1,14 billion and the truck imports to Russia from CIS countries amounted to 4,6 thousand units and the monetary value to $858,2 million.

Truck exports of Russia in 2017 has increased by 2,1% and amounted to 14,6 thousand vehicles, generating $335,9 million. 3,7 thousand trucks have been exported to non-CIS countries for $136,9 million and 10,9 thousand to CIS countries for $199 million.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com