GM Uzbekistan may organise car production in St. Petersburg

GM Uzbekistan may organise car production at GM facilities in St. Petersburg, which currently supplies Ravon brand automobiles to Russia. The company is considering to organise the production at the currently out of use General Motors plant in St. Petersburg.

“The Uzbeks have expressed interest and they are carrying out negotiations at GM headquarters. An agreement has not been reached so far. The dialog has been conducted on models, in which we do not have direct competition. For example, we don’t have class-A production. Ravon R2 is a class-A model” – as told by the minister of industry and commerce Denis Manturov to journalists. The car suits people who start small businesses, Manturov explained.

The production site of GM in St. Petersburg, where Chevrolet and Opel vehicles were assembled previously, is designed for a production capacity of more than 100,000 automobiles annually.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com