A car battery factory will be established in Tatarstan

A car battery factory will be established in Tatarstan. The opening ceremony of a car factory, belonging to Bars Technology, an affiliate company of Korib Group, will take place in Alabuga Special Economic Zone on the 8th December 2017. This is currently the only fully automated car and truck battery production project in Russia, as reported by Bars Technology press office. Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) quality control system is implemented in the plant, which allows the exclusion of defective products, obtaining batteries with accurately calibrated characteristics.

Bars Technology intends to have 15% share of the Russian battery market in 2019. The plant aims to become the leading actor in Russian car battery market by 2022, by reaching an annual battery production figure of 4 million units. The company plans to be the largest supplier of batteries for car factories in the country as a result.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com