The production of FAW trucks will start in Primorye by the end of the year

Yubo-Sumotori company in Primorye plans to put the first industrial party of FAW trucks on the market until the end of the year. GC Sumotori, specialised in the trade and maintenance of cars and commercial vehicles, has become the initiator of the project on the creation of a joint factory for the production and the distribution of Chinese FAW heavy duty trucks. 28 million rubles will be invested in the project at the first stage, as reported by the press office of Moscow Region government.

According to the director of Sumotori Group Vitali Verkeenko, the first trial lot of heavy duty FAW trucks has already been manufactured and tested. “We plan to launch the first industrial lot until the end of the year. The components, which will be used in the assembly of the vehicles are being imported and currently on the border. There are plans to assemble 500 trucks next year and 2000 in 2019. We will also manufacture 6×4 and 8×4 dump trucks” – Verkeenko said.

The expansion of localisation to 20% is within the plans of the company, namely the assembly of large FAW trucks. Yubo-Sumotori has a current workforce of more than 30 people.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com