AVTOVAZ engines are being modernized

AVTOVAZ engines are being modernized. The manufacturer is preparing to modernize its eight-valve engines to save customers from having to adjust the gaps in the gas distribution system after the first two to three thousand kilometres of usage. Currently, the owners of the most affordable versions of LADA Granta, LADA Kalina, Datsun on-DO and mi-DO, as well as LADA Largus get obliged to pass over to TO-3000 shortly after the purchase. Such a process is not necessary with the new VAZ-11182 engines, thanks to a different design and assembly technology.

AVTOVAZ engines VAZ-11186 and VAZ-11189 are the weakest units in the engine range (depending on the models they are installed on). The output is 87 litres and 140 Nm on both versions.

The simple design without hydraulic compensators and the old production technology (AVTOVAZ engines come from a pedigree installed on the Samara family almost 40 years ago) create maintenance problems for customers early after purchase, requiring a trip to the service centre for the regulation of thermal gaps on the valves. However, the similar simple French 8-valve Renault K7M runs without this procedure.

The extra trip to the dealer can finally be avoided with the VAZ-11182 engines, due to the modernised design and assembly technology of the AVTOVAZ engines.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com