KAMAZ will produce autonomous and electric vehicles

KAMAZ plans to apply for subsidies, which will be allocated for the first time to unmanned vehicle manufacturers, as well as electric transport manufacturers in 2017, as told by a company representative to RNS. The amount of subsidies is still being determined, according to the representative. KAMAZ will invest approximately 400 million rubles in the development of unmanned vehicles.

KAMAZ plans to use autonomous trucks and buses in its factories in 2018 and launched the driverless mode in its long-haul tractors in 2021. Bus and truck transport will be fully automated until 2035.

The government expects to allocate a total amount of 612 million rubles for the compensation of part of the costs associated with the creation and organisation of the production of unmanned vehicles, according to the information given by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to RNS. Another 900 million rubles will be allocated to the manufacturers of urban overground electric transport, as told by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting on 21 July.

Source: RusAutoNews.Com