Mercedes-Benz lays the foundation of a new car factory in Russia

Mercedes-Benz will start works on the construction of a new plant for fully flexible passenger cars and SUV production. According to plans, the localised production of E-Class sedan will start at the new factory in Moscow Region in 2019.

The production of GLE, GCE and GLS off-road vehicles will gradually be launched thereafter. The manufacturer will invest a total amount of approximately 16 billion rubles in the production site (more than €250 million). The production will be implemented by the newly established company Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Rus.

The plant is located at the Esipovo Industrial Park, about 40 kilometers northwest of Moscow. It will be built by the Turkish company ESTA Construction.

Over 1000 jobs will be created at the production site. Recruitment will start at the end of 2017 and the priority will be given to the residents of Moscow Region.