GAZ Group may revive the Volga brand

RusAutoNews.Com – GAZ Group may resume the production of Volga brand vehicles in medium-term, in the commercial vehicles segment. The relevant statement has been made by the chairman of board of directors of Russian Machines: Siegfried Wolf, during an interview with Vedomosti.

Wolf said that Russian Machines doesn’t have a transporter smaller than the Gazel, for example a vehicle like the Volkswagen Caddy. Such vehicles are manufactured both in all-metal body cargo versions with two seats for the driver and the passenger in the front and 5-seater passenger versions.

GAZ has discontinued the production of the Volga classical passenger cars in 2008. The production of Volga Siber, based on Chrysler Sebring, was launched during the same year (GAZ Group acquired a 160,000 vehicles capacity line from Chrysler for the project). However, the project came to an end in 2010.