Russia has appealed to the WTO on the LCV dispute with the EU

Finmarket – As announced by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, the Russian Federation has made an appeal to the WTO on 20 February, challenging the findings of the panel on the dispute with the EU, concerning light commercial vehicles.

“The appeal was made as a result of the opposition of the Russian side against several findings of the arbitrators. The panel has declared the majority of the claims of EU unfounded in the report published on 27 January, however, found inconsistencies with the WTO rules in some aspects of the investigation carried out by the Eurasian Economic Commission. Russia will seek a review on the findings of the panel, as to the violations of WTO rules” – as stated by the Ministry of Economic Development.

As reported by the European Commision at the end of January, the WTO panel of arbitrators has declared the introduction of anti-dumping duties on the import of light commercial vehicles from Italy and Germany to the Customs Union countries illegal.

According to the report, the dispute was initiated by the EU in May 2014, in connection with the anti-dumping measures taken by the Eurasian Economic Union against light commercial vehicles manufactured in Germany and Italy.