BMW has resumed the supplies of five models to Russia

Vedomosti –  BMW has taken a decision to resume the imports of five models out of six, the imports of which were suspended as of the turn of the year, as told by a company representative to Vedomosti. The dealers are now able to take orders on 6 and 4-series cabriolets, M4, M6, as well as BMW M3 and BMW i8 (in addition to the introduction of BMW i3 to the market). However, the deliveries of BMW 5-series Gran Turismo to Russia will remain discontinued, ending the life cycle of the model, says the representative.

Initially, BMW has suspended the imports of car components, due to ERA-GLONASS: the company has taken into account the fact that all imported vehicles have to be certified under this system, according to the terms of the technical regulations of the Customs Union as of 01.01.2017, stated the representative of the brand. The company has decided that the costs of certification (a minimum number of two crash tests required amongst other obligations) are too high for niche models with low sales figures.

Later on, however, an explanation has been received from the Russian authorities, as to the possibility of imports of vehicles without the ERA-GLONASS system to the country, providing the approval procedure of the vehicle type of the automobile is not completed (OTTS), as told by the representative. According to the representative, the procedure will be completed between 2017-2019 for the aforementioned models. During this period, the company will be able to carry out the certification of the models, in compliance with the requirements of ERA-Glonass. The model range of BMW automobiles manufactured at Avtotor has not declined due to ERA-GLONASS.

BMW sells approximately 27,500 vehicles in Russia annually, according to AEB data.