Russian used car market has grown by 6% in 2016

Autostat – Russian used car market has grown by 6% in 2016. 5.19 million second hand vehicles have been sold in Russia in 2016, according to Autostat data, which is equivalent to a 6% year-on-year rise.

Russian manufacturer Lada has become the leader of the used cars market in 2016, with an approximate share of 28%. 1.45 million second hand Lada vehicles have been sold during the year, indicating a 3.6% year-on-year decline. Japanese Toyota has sold the most number of used cars amongst foreign brands, with 590,000 units (+10.4%). Another Japanese brand Nissan occupies the third spot (276,000), following an 11.2% rise.

Lada 2114 has kept the top position in the best-sold used car models rankings in 2016, with a sales figure of 156,800 units, which is almost equal to 2015 results (+0.1%). Lada 2107 follows the leader with 145,800 vehicles (-11.7%). Ford Focus completes the top-three (129,300, +10.1%), becoming the best-sold foreign used car model in consecutive years.

The Russian second hand car market has amounted to 440,800 units in December 2016, following a 0.7% shrinkage.