AVTOVAZ develops a new engine for Chevrolet Niva

28.11.2016 / avtosreda.ru

The 1.8 lt engine, which is likely to be prepared for the second generation of the model, has received the in-plant index 2199.

The contract signed between AVTOVAZ and GM-AVTOVAZ, concerning the development of the modified 1.8 lt engine for Chevrolet Niva, had already been announced at the end of this summer. According to AvtoSreda,  the operations continue on the first stage of the contract at the moment. The possible engine power and other characteristics are not yet known.

Prior to the depreciation of the Russian ruble, the SUV was planned to be equipped with the 1.8 lt, 135 hp Peugeot-Citroen engine. The plans have been changed in due course. There’s an 1.8 lt engine in the motor range of AVTOVAZ currently, with 122 hp output. The engine is used in LADA Vesta and XRAY. Due to the fact that the contract has been signed for the development of a modified 1.8 lt engine specifically, it’s possible that the SUV will be equipped with an engine with minimum amount of changes, which will be sold under the US brand.