Isuzu will start the production of heavy trucks in Russia

22.11.2016 / RNS

The first test assembly of Isuzu heavy truck prototypes is planned for February 2017 and the serial production for March 2017. The relevant statement has been made to RNS by a representative of Isuzu Rus, highlighting the gross weight range from 26 to 33 tonnes. According to the representative, preliminary requests have already been received for the supply of the vehicles.

In addition, the assembly of all-wheel drive NPR trucks has started at Ulyanovsk plant in September and their volume will also increase, as told by the representative. Previously, Isuzu Rus manufactured medium-weight trucks (5-18 tonnes).

The representative has confirmed the previously announced company plans, as to the doubling of the production volume of the factory to 5000 units annually by 2018, by the expansion the model range. The planned investment amount for the expansion of production is 150 million rubles. As reported by Autostat previously, Japanese Isuzu and Sojitz Corporation have bought out the share of Sollers in the joint venture with Isuzu – Sollers-Isuzu, in December 2015.