The share of the sales of foreign cars assembled in Russia amounts to 58%

Autostat – According to Autostat data, foreign brand automobiles manufactured in Russia have the largest share of sales figures in the country. Their share reached 58% of the Russian market, as of the first 10 months of 2016, which is equivalent to approximately 615,000 vehicles. The share was as low as 33% in 2010.

The share of Russian assembly foreign brand vehicles has gradually increased over the last few years, in contrast with the falling import figures. The imports had the largest share in 2010 with 35%, now down to 20.5% (approximately 220,000 units).

The share of home brands (Lada and UAZ) is a little bit over the imports, with 21.5% of total sales (almost 230,000 units). 32% of the market belonged to Russian brands 6 years ago.

As noted by Autostat, many foreign car manufacturers have established production facilities in the country over the recent years, having a negative effects on imports to Russia. The foreign brand vehicles assembled in Russia have been increasing their shares in the market as a result.