1.15 million automobiles have been sold within the first ten months of the year

RusAutoNews.Com. – Car and light commercial sales have shrunk by 13.3% in Russia within the January-October period, to 1,147,670 units. The October sales figures were down by 2.6%, with 126,658 vehicles. The data have been published by the Association of European Businesses (AEB).

“Car market sales in October take only a moderate dip versus prior year, at the same exceeding September month result by a small margin. This is not a bad result, confirming our earlier voiced expectation that the new car registration trend should improve towards year end. Seasonality is a factor, of course, but the main driver here are the government programs offering purchase incentives to end customers. These programs are running out, in any case in the well-established form as we know them. What awaits us in 2017 remains to be seen. But it is clear already that, without meaningful support from the government, any trend stabilization would be very short-lived” – commented the representative of the AEB Car Manufacturers Committee Joerg Schreiber, on the decline in car sales in Russia.

Lada automobiles have been the top-sellers in October, according to the Association (+13% or 23,310 sold vehicles). The second place is occupied by KIA (+4% to 15,000 vehicles). The sales figure of Hyundai remained unchanged (14,190), Renault (+2%, 11,000 units) and Toyota (+16% to 7740 vehicles). KIA Rio was the most popular model in October (-0.8% to 8900 automobiles), Hyundai Solaris came second (-21.4% to 7500 units), followed by Lada Granta (-26.8% to 6800 vehicles). Lada Vesta occupied the fourth spot (5000 vehicles sold).