The 500,000th KIA Rio manufactured in Russia has rolled off the production line – KIA has reached an important historical milestone in Russia on 17 October 2016. The 500,000th KIA Rio automobile has been manufactured at the St. Petersburg plant: a white sedan with Prestige equipment, 1.6 lt petrol engine and 6-speed manual transmission.

KIA Rio production started 5 years ago in St. Petersburg -in August 2011- with sedan. Hatchback Rio production followed at the Russian plant in January 2012. The St. Petersburg plant currently operates in full capacity in three-shifts. 90-100,000 KIA Rio automobiles roll off the production lines of the facility annually, intended for Russia as the main market, as well as Belarus and Kazakhstan. KIA sedans and hatchbacks are manufactured with full-cycle method, at a high localisation rate (46%). The number of localised components is on the rise. For example, the amount of Russian metal used at the St. Petersburg plant has increased in 2016 (24% of KIA Rio body is made of metals produced in Russia), alongside the localisation of glass. The components on the production lines are supplied by 14 Russian companies. Around 2200 employees participate in the production of KIA Rio at the plant. A high level of automation is used during the production process in St. Petersburg, in order to ensure an appropriate level of quality and reliability of the KIA Rio automobiles. More than 170 robots are involved in the welding process and more than 50 in the painting of KIA Rio bodies. It takes nearly 16 hours to manufacture a KIA Rio automobile at the factory.

KIA Rio has reinstated its top position in Moscow and Moscow Region markets in September, according to Autostat data. The model has become the most popular vehicle in the capital region this year, for months in a row: April, May, June, July and September.