Sollers plans to organise the assembly of UAZ automobiles in Kazakhstan


Sollers expects to organise the industrial assembly of the entire model range of UAZ cars and light commercial vehicles in Kazakhstan, until the end of 2016. The relevant statement has been made to Vedomosti newspaper by a representative of the car manufacturing group. The representative has added that there are ongoing negotiations with a local partner manufacturer (the name not disclosed). The delivery of finished vehicles from Russia to Kazakhstan will discontinue, following the start of production in the country. The organisation of local assembly is necessary, in order to increase competitiveness in Kazakhstan market, explains the Sollers representative. Recycling and registration fees have been introduced in the country for finished cars at the beginning of 2016 (not applicable on vehicle sets), which led to price increases on vehicles, on some UAZ models by 200,000 rubles.

The volume of UAZ assembly in Kazakhstan will depend on the market demand, continued the representative. According to the representative, the company plans a return to the previous sales figures at the first stage, gradually increasing them thereafter. 3815 UAZ automobiles have been sold by official dealers in Kazakhstan in 2015, which is equivalent to a 10% year-on-year decline. The market has shrunk by 40.4% to 97,446 units, according to the Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business data.