GAZ Group has signed a memorandum on the assembly of a range of special vehicles in Kazakhstan – GAZ Group will start a project on the industrial assembly of a range of special vehicles in Kazakhstan. The decision has been confirmed with the signature of a number of memoranda, in the context of the development of national assembly production in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The documents have been signed amongst Russian manufacturers belonging to GAZ Group Russian Vehicles Holding (LLC Commercial Vehicles – GAZ Group, LLC Russian Buses – GAZ Group, JSC Automobile Plant Ural) and LLP SemAZ from Kazakhstan (part of Virage Group, manufacturer of agricultural vehicles and trucks), within the frame of the 7th Interregional Cooperation Forum between Kazakhstan and Russia.

The test deliveries of vehicle sets have started in September, with GAZel Next bus frames, GAZel Business dropside trucks and vehicles from Likinsky Bus Factory (LiAZ). SemAZ will make the serial production of the vehicles, based on the entire model ranges of GAZel Next, GAZon Next and GAZel Business, Ural NEXT heavy duty trucks and buses of all classes (PAZ, LiAZ, KAVZ and GAZ), including equipment on compressed natural gas, in line with customer demand, from next year onwards.

The project – continuation of the cooperation between GAZ Group and SemAZ had started in 2013, with the production of Ural-4320 automobiles in Kazakhstan. The production of the model will continue in SemAZ facilities, alongside Ural NEXT, which will be on the production lines in 2017.

The chairman of GAZ Group Vadim Sorokin: “The production of GAZ Group is traditionally concentrated in CIS countries and Kazakhstan is one of our priority markets within the territory of the former Soviet Union. The current share of GAZ in Kazakh market is 65%. The organisation of assembly will help strengthen our presence in Kazakhstan, as well as the expansion of vehicle range, which will be offered to the customers in the country through the production of the new models from NEXT family in the republic.”