Mazda starts engine production in Russia

Vedomosti. – The joint venture of Sollers and Mazda: MazdaSollers Manufacturing Rus (50-50% partnership) has signed a special investment contract with the Russian government today, which requires an investment of more than 2 billion rubles in an engine factory in Primorye Krai, as announced by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

“The document has been signed by the minister of industry and commerce Denis Manturov and the senior vice-president of Mazda Motor Corporation: Yuji Nakamine, as stated by the ministry.

The investor guarantees an investment amount of over 2 billion rubles in the organisation, for the purpose of reaching an annual production capacity of 50,000 engines in 2018 and the localisation of a number of technological operations, carried out in the production of basic components of the engines. Russia, on the other hand, has pledged to contribute to the development of the project in Vladivostok, through provision of government support measures.

“This project is a clear indicator of the fact that the Russian companies are becoming competitive in the production of automobiles and key components, as well as integrating into the global automotive industry supply chains. In this prospect, the Mazda Sollers joint venture complies with the objectives of the new development strategy of the Russian automotive industry until 2025, prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce” – said Denis Manturov. The company plans to organise the production of the new Mazda Sky engines, including the machining operations of the basic components of the units. More than 600 jobs will be created, as a result of the implementation of the project.