KAMAZ will become a partner in the construction of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Russia

RBK. – KAMAZ will be a partner in the construction of a Mercedes-Benz car factory in Russia. The relevant statement has been made by the general director of Mercedes-Benz Rus: Yan Madeo to Vedomosti.

“We need partners who signed the industrial assembly agreement and KAMAZ fulfils that requirement” – explained Madeo. The parity joint venture of KAMAZ and Daimler: Daimler KAMAZ Rus is a multilateral agreement on industrial assembly, which enables the company to receive tariff rates on preferential terms in component imports – 0.5% instead of 15%.

KAMAZ representative has confirmed the news that the company will become a partner through industrial assembly agreement and no investment is expected from KAMAZ.

The source of RBK, who previously mentioned the name of KAMAZ as the possible partner of Mercedes in the construction of the plant, had also highlighted the existence of the industrial assembly agreement. In which capacity, the Russian company will be involved in the project, the source has not told. The KAMAZ representative has declined the questions from RBK.

German automotive group Daimler’s plans to build a plant for the production of Mercedes-Benz automobiles in Moscow Region came to light in the beginning of June. As reported by RNS agency, the plant is planned to be build in Peshkovsky village in Solnechnogorsk district, within the borders of the Esipovo Industrial Park, under construction in the area.