Russian luxury automobiles market has grown by a quarter during the first half of the year

Autostat. – The analytical agency Autostat has conducted a survey on the Russian new automobiles market, which also covered the Luxury segment. The volume of the luxury automobiles market has amounted to 675 vehicles according to the figures of the first half of 2016, indicating a 24.5% rise.

Around 60% of all luxury automobiles in the country belong to a single model – Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class. 401 Russian customers purchased the model within the January-June period, which is equivalent to a 40.7% year-on-year increase. Bentley, as it’s the tradition, became the second most popular brand amongst the Russian luxury vehicles clientele (153 units, +48.5%), with a market share of over 20%. Bentayga SUV became the best-sold model of the brand (63 units), despite being launched in Russia only a short while ago, in April. Rolls-Royce completes the top-three (58, -33.3%), with an approximate market share of 9%.

It should be noted that 24 new Maserati, 23 Ferrari, 14 Lamborghini and 2 Aston Martin have been sold in Russia during the aforementioned period.