Eberspacher has started exhaust systems production at AVTOVAZ

Autostat. – Eberspacher Exhaust Systems has launched a new production site at AVTOVAZ premises on 4 July. The production has been moved from the Eberspacher-AVTOVAZ Exhaust Systems joint venture, which was established in 2010. The joint venture was formed for the production and supply of exhaust systems to AVTOVAZ and other car manufacturers operating in the Russian market.

“We need a full level of localisation and a fairly high level of competitiveness, as we manufacture budget cars” said the AVTOVAZ chairman Nicolas Moore, “Therefore, it’s crucial for us to get the assistance of Eberspacher in order to achieve our strategic goals – increase in localisation and quality and the maintenance of current price levels”.

As stated by the head of the Exhaust Systems Department: Thomas Valdhir, Eberspacher has been supporting the Renault-Nissan alliance worldwide, for many years. The company is currently the third biggest exhaust systems manufacturer of the world and occupies the top spot in production for commercial vehicles.