GM-AVTOVAZ has localised Chevrolet Niva by 95%

Autostat. – The localisation rate of Chevrolet Niva automobiles has reached 95%. The relevant statement has been made to Autostat by the press office of GM-AVTOVAZ.

Currently, there are no plans to order new components for Chevrolet Niva from foreign suppliers, however, component imports are not ruled out for the new generation development programme, considered by the company.

“Taking into account the macroeconomic situation and the devaluation, the extension of localisation is one of the main vectors of development, helping the component suppliers to remain in the industry and the car manufacturers to maintain competitive prices on end products. However, localisation is not always cost effective: demanding investment and time on certification, validation, preparations, tests etc. In such cases, there is an option to resort to domestic analogues, which already exist in the market or used previously on Chevrolet Niva” as stated by the GM-AVTOVAZ press office.