Truck market has grown two months in a row

Autostat. – According to Autostat data, 3300 new trucks have been sold in Russia in May 2016, which is equivalent to an 8.2% year-on-year rise. The market has grown for two consecutive months.

Russian manufacturer KAMAZ has kept its leadership, with approximately 40% share of the market. The company has sold 1256 vehicles, which is more than last year’s figure by a third. The second spot is occupied by another home brand – GAZ, with a sales figure of 533 vehicles (-3.8%). Belarusian brand MAZ completes the top-three (209, +31.4%). Japanese Isuzu (202, +46.4%) and Russian NEFAZ (168, +158.5%) came fourth and fifth respectively.

Russian new truck market has amounted to 17,800 units by the end of the first five months of the year, which indicates an 11.7% year-on-year decline.

The new LCV market, on the other hand, has shrunk by 0.3% in comparison with the same period of the previous year in May, with 6800 units. Thereby, the growth observed in March and April was followed by a slight decline in May.

Russian brand GAZ has remained the market leader with a share of 45%. In quantitative terms, the sales figure of the company is equivalent to 3100 vehicles, which is 11.5% superior to last year’s performance. GAZ is followed by another home brand UAZ, which sold 1200 vehicles in May (-35.9%). American Ford occupied the third place (592, +176.6%). LADA (456, -34.2%) and Mercedes-Benz (449, -3.6%) have completed the top-five.

The Russian LCV market has shrunk by 4.9% year-on-year by the end of the first five months of 2016, with 32,500 units.