KAMAZ sales have risen by 17.6% in Russia in May

Finmarket. – KAMAZ has sold 2000 trucks in Russia in May. The figure goes up to approximately 2600 with the inclusion of exports. The relevant statement has been made by the deputy director general of KAMAZ for sales and services: Sergey Afanasiev to Interfax agency. Afanasiev has added that nearly 62% of the truck production in Russia is made by KAMAZ.

According to Afanasiev, KAMAZ had sold around 1700 trucks in Russia in May 2015 and the export figure was 550 vehicles. Thereby, the sales in Russia have increased by 17.6%, as published by Finmarket.

As previously stated by Autostat, KAMAZ plans to sell 32,000 vehicles in 2016, 25,000 in the domestic market and the remaining 7000 abroad. As one may remember, the Russian sales of the company had shrunk by 31% in 2015 (to 22,600 vehicles) and exports by 4% (to 5900 vehicles).